Coin dozer: game strategy

May 31, 2010

I realized that my post on coin dozer is getting increasingly popular, so since I’ve completed the game over the weekend, and here are some tips that I can offer you lazy bums who came to this blog from googling for cheats to this game:

1. This is the most important strategy! Try to drop two or three coins at a single time, in one single roll, so that the pushing force is stronger. Somehow, it also helps to maintain a straight push, rather than one that makes your coin or prizes go sideways. Like this:

2. Unlock the gems collection. That will give you 3 coins for every one coin that you manage to collect.

3. Combine 1 and 2, and you’ll have ENDLESS coins to play with (at the end of my game, I have close to 3,000 coins). Basically, when you manage to do these, the challenge is then to be patient enough, keep playing (and praying for luck to receive prizes you lack) to unlock other collections which frankly speaking, in my opinion, are not challenges anymore.

Unlocking the bear collections only shortens the coin regeneration by 6seconds. Not much help there. Whistles may help since you never have to worry about losing prizes that fall off the gutter, but I realize whistles do not come by often.

Good Luck!

Should I delete the game now?


207 Responses to “Coin dozer: game strategy”

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    • elena said

      i have been playing and already completed the toss the frog puzzle but nothing else is coming up

    • Laura said

      I have lit up the 1st tier of my whistles, so 3 out of the 6. Do i need to get all 6 to get to still get all what drops off? also when i click on it, it turns pink doi need to do this to get it? thanks. Fantastic game by the way x

    • More Whistles said

      So I figured out how to get more whistles. It took me awhile… I noticed that you get prizes based on how you put down the coins, so you need to follow this pattern. I realized that if I kept laying down the coins in the same patterns, I was getting the same prizes over and over. If you are experiencing this too, switch up how you lay down the coins and you should see more variety in your prizes.

      For whistles, first you need to get one of the extra-big coins to go over front. To get an extra big coin, I would lay down two stacks of three coins each. Do this enough and the red coins appear. Push one of those off and a big coin will drop down. These are harder than they seem to guide down to fall off the front, so be careful and use your skills to guide it down over the front. Once that big coin falls down the front, you then need to lay down your six coins in a haphazard way- with no skill or strategy apparent to how you are laying them. For example, I would put one down on the far left, then on the far right, and then rest in between, with maybe only one stacking on another. After maybe 4-10 rounds of laying down the coins randomly like this, I would get a whistle. This pattern has worked for me many times now, so I’m confident this is the combination that works. I think what color the whistle happens to be is just random, so it takes a lot of repeats.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Rebecca said

    can i play this game online?

    • Ning Z. said

      Hi Rebecca, apologies for the very late reply. I wasn’t in town when you posted this comment.

      As far as I know, I don’t think you can play this game online. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • isabella said

        hi you can play coin dozer online because ive just looked but i cant go on it because when i first got my lap top my mum put a thing on it some fire wall to blok it can you help me???

    • sarah said

      you can play it online on facebook

  3. Choon said

    hi when i unlocked one set of the prizes, the star to the right shows 6 small stars, and only 1 (out of the 6)lights up.. what does it mean?

    • Ning Z. said

      hi, it means that you’ve unlocked the collection bonus, and if you touch on the star that is lighted, you’ll see what bonus it does for u.

  4. Amy said

    Hi. I have been playing but I cannot read the collection bonuses due to ads. Can anyone tell me what they are?

  5. Sharon Smith said

    I am trying to find out what all of the numbers and icons are over the four stars at the top of the screen. It says I have 1100 coins on the counter on the left but the numbers over the stars say I have like 7,000.

  6. Alex said


    thanks for the awesome guide.

    i wonder if you are able to continue playing after the end, so is it possible?

    • Ning Z. said

      there is basically no end to the game. From what I know, the game developer will update the app and introduce new prizes to collect. It’s like a drug to your iphone addiction. You can keep playing it.

  7. Victor said

    Hi, I have unlocked all 6 levels of the gem collection but I only get 4 extra coins when I get a grey coin. I don’t get extra for the normal coins. Am I missing anything? I can only get around 100 coins to play with.


  8. shirley said

    Hi, I have a few questions.
    what do the stars below the score mean?
    what do the coins next to the score signify?

  9. cannot get on is says to many connections open?????????

  10. Jwshumway said

    How do the xp coins work in this game?

  11. kristen said

    what does it mean when it says “gutter coin” or “gutter prize” in the upper right hand corner?

    • Govorunb said

      It means you lost a special coin or prize, unlock whistles collection and you’ll get prizes that drop to gutter!

      • yoyo said

        Even with the whistles you will not get all the prizes that go into the gutter, I have 9 stars on the whistles and still lose coins and prizes to the gutter

    • Doze said

      Whistles by Tier 6 help to save all prizes (unlike what you says) which is very useful for you to complete all the other collections. At Tiers 7 to 9, the chances increase when it comes to saving special coins. So a gutter prize or coin means that the item has not been saved and that it has fallen into the gutter.

      • debbie said

        Hi I have unlocked the whistles collection by paying with my dozer dolars and all the prizes that fell of the side have not been counted what am I doing wrong? do I have to collect 9 whistles for this to work?

  12. fallon said

    can u play online

  13. kissxxes said

    So addicted to this game, i kept playing because i thought that surely there was an end to it. i now have 50,470 coins and almost 100 of every prize you can get, guess what it still doesnt end.
    Feel slightly deflated – what a waste of time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am starting to feel the same way. Do you know what you can do with your Dozer dollars? I have 30 and i dont see how to spend them or anything? Surely they are there for a reason?

      Thanks ;-D

      • Gamer Gurl said

        To use dozer dollars, you click on a category of prizes that you want to expand to 9 levels and it takes like 10 dozer dollars and you can get to level 9 in that prize category.

  14. Dee said

    Erm, what does “dropping 2 to 3 coins in a single roll” mean?

    • Doze said

      Perhaps the author meant ‘row’ or column instead of ‘roll’. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or perhaps a roll indicates each round of being allowed to drop coins as indicated by the silver stars.

  15. Corena said

    When I downloaded I cloud, it deleted alot of my games including coin dozer pro ny, which I had over 10,000 coins and only needed 1 prize to beat the game, any solutions??

    • marijna said

      hello, did you find a solution because my son is also lost his game he didn’t download another game so i have no explenation maybe you can help or anybody else.
      thanks from holland

  16. Gaynor said

    What do you do with the gold coins, can’t see their use or hownto redeem them

  17. Mary said

    I can’t find any instruction as how to play this game. What is the purpose?
    I am game challenged)0:

    • Amanda said

      You drop coins that will push prizes and special coins to the drop box (the bottom of the screen closest to you). You keep playing until you acquire all puzzle pieces and unlock all the prizes. The only instructions you need is to tap where you need to drop the coins–choose the spot carefully so you don’t knock prizes over the edges on the sides. Those are the gutters. Until you collect all of the gems, anything that doesn’t fall in the area closest to you will be forfeited.

      • Mary said

        Thank you so much Amanda. This game is kinda addicting.
        My first game! Yeah! (0:

      • Mary said

        I don’t think I am playing the same game. I have no idea what anyone is talking puzzle pieces. I just see pink pigs,money bundles etc..

      • shaun said

        i got everything i need and the new puzzles dont unlock and i cant figure out why ive tried everything and it wont let me i looked everywhere for a answer and cant get anything

      • Stevo said

        @mary… The game that you’re playing is coin bulldozer not coin dozer ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. hamid said

    how you use collection bonus, currently i have all 6 stars for Dice, I have selected the Stars it says Coin walls stay up loner,
    But how to use this

  19. ryan said

    Does anyone know what the 2 ?s are in the puzzle screen

  20. Deb said

    What do the XP and the GC coins do? I keep accumulating them, but don’t know if or how I need to redeem or use them!

    • Nath said

      Hi the XP are extra points coins they go directly to your total points counts. Still haven’t found out what the GC coins are and how to redeem them?

      • Curt said

        I haven’t even seen a GC coin yet. And I’ve been playing for months

      • Gamer Gurl said

        The GC coins seem to be just on iPads, not phones, and I am not sure what they do either

      • MichaelB said

        Okay, the GC things i believe you guys are referring to (think of a better name for them because ‘gold coins’ are literally almost EVERY coin…) are the large coins that say +1 in them, you earn them from gaining a level. They raise you MAX COIN REGEN LIMIT. jeeez/

      • stevo said

        @ michael- im afraid you’re wrong. “GC” coins are game centre coins which are used to gain acheivements in the game centre. You should probably check your facts before you start talking down to people.

      • Christo said

        Maybe people should spell out their abbreviations so there is less confusion.

      • Jaquzee said

        The GC are achievement coins for every 100 coins you get 100 XP well the first 100 GC gives you 25 XP the 2nd and 3rd 100 give you 50 XP each then after that you start getting 100 XP up to 12 achievements. Not sure what happens after the 12th hundred GC coin. Hope this helps someone.

    • Virginia said

      Gc are gift coins and they drop extra coins down on you like extra XP or walls coins or whatever

  21. Osh e dippy said

    How do u get to the next puzzle I completed
    The first one already but can’t get to next one

  22. winky said

    Hi, how to open the next puzzle, still don’t know about it???

  23. bonnie said

    I completed it to and no new puzzle yet?

  24. Merchant said

    if a puzzle piece is guttered does it re appear ???? or the puzzle is unsolved plz let me know ???

  25. shaun said

    I have over 50 thousand coins how do i unlock the new levels i got everything i need and it won’t open a new level anyone feel free to write me and let me know plz thank u

  26. gregdot79 said

    This game is pissin me off level 114,I have multiples of every prize but still have yet to get a blue whistle

  27. Mommokos said

    What do CG and XP coins do?

  28. LJ said

    XP coins add points to obtain your next level. GC i got extra 10 coins when i got to50 but have over 150 and no idea how to use them Saw in another post how someone got all 4 puzzles unlocked but can figure that out either i am working the frog drop uzzle now

  29. ian said

    Nearly 7000 coins all levels completed, game does not have an ending. Both puzzles complete and the ? areas just say “coming soon”

  30. bart said

    I am level 234 and i have 27000 coins

  31. Moisaab73 said


    • Virginia said

      the GC are gift coins. they drop extra coins from the sky like XP or walls or coin showers or whatever

      • Stevo said

        No Virginia, wrong! They are Game Center coins and have no use other than to unlock pointless achievements in the game center. Sorry. The coins which you describe, Virginia, are the ones with the dragon picture on, not the gc coins with the gamecenter colours on.

  32. Rich F said

    I’m still missing a few prizes to fill out my collections. It has been ages since any of them have come around. Does it matter that I sold a few prizes in the early stages to get more coins? I’m on level 139, and still missing 3 red dice and 2 blue gems.

    • Stevo said

      They will appear soon enough. Although you did write that 6 months ago so I assume you now have them?!! Haha! When I first started I sold loads of whistles as I thought I’d never need more than one of each colour and now it’s the only category I’ve yet to max out. Hindsight, hey?

      • Christo said

        Wrong, Stevo! It was FIVE months ago not six! :0) Get your facts straight before replying next time!! :0)

    • Judy said

      I have come on to this site to find out about the XP coins but I think I may be of some assistance to you. I have found that if you go to Bonus Items button, you can purchase “toys” from the chest at the cost of 5 Dozer Dollars. The only thing is, you don’t know what will be tossed out of the chest. Hope this helps.

  33. jeremy said

    Good game but should had easier way to keep coin pot up without having to buy them

  34. leaha said

    How often do puzzle pieces drop?

    • Stevo said

      Every 30 minutes. But the timer will not count down if there is already a puzzle piece on the game board. I guess that’s to stop people just leaving the app open for a few hours then coming back and collecting all the pieces in one hit.

  35. ben said

    I get to about 4 prizes on the puzzle then a flamengo comes down and I lose all my previous pieces. It’s happened several times and is killing me!! What is going on???

  36. Chasity said

    I “won” the game long ago, I have had all the prizes since about the fourth day. But I am now up to 23K coins and am trying to figure out if there is a point limit or level limit that you reach?

  37. Marte said

    Can anyone tell me when the puzzles are opening? i only have 2 of them and there are 3 more ?-puzzles and 2 more of horse fenzy- and prize claws-puzzles, ty!

    • Hikki said

      Prize only shows every 30mins (only counts while online). So if you are playing for 1hour straight you should see 2 pieces of puzzle.

      • Hikki said

        Oops. I think i misunderstood the question, if you only have two puzzles that means you havent updated the game yet. Go to to update your coin dozer!

  38. Jasmine said

    Someone please tell me how the heck you get puzzle pieces?????? Driving me crazy can’t figure it out

  39. Jasmine said


  40. Susan said

    How do you earn more dozer dollars

  41. Donna said

    I have reach 6 stars for all the game pieces and 9 stars for the whistles but how do your earn more dozer dollars to reach the 9 stars on the rest of the puzzle pieces?

  42. sandra said

    How are you going so fast in levels. I have to sell my prizes continually because I am out of coins all the time.

    • sandra said

      And do the puzzle pieces come when you are in a higher level?

    • Hikki said

      all that i did is to save all the prizes that i got, trust me youll be needing them to make you earn coins faster, so dont sell them! if you ran out of coins simply wait a couple of hours so yopu can play again.

    • Doze said

      I hope you’re not still selling your prizes! They help you get more coins and prizes in different ways. Patience is a key factor here and having loads of free time now and then to play. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Katie marchal said

        I have made it pass the train tracks and all five tea cup pieces will anything else come around to collect puzzle wise

    • sue said

      Don’t sell your prizes,go to your phone/tablet settings and change the date to tomorrow,etc. You get another days coins for free. Don’t forget to change it back when you’re done tho’!!

  43. nikki said

    How many of each prize have to get to unlock the bonus star?

  44. rasenna611 said

    I’m trying to find out where to spend my Dozer Dollars. Can someone please help me? I’d appreciate it!

    • Hikki said

      use DD to unlock other puzzes such as prize claw and horse fenzy. or use them to upgrade the prize collection from 6 to 9 stars.

  45. April said

    I downloaded this game for my son (coin dozer) and he has like 9 dozer dollars. He keeps asking me what are they for and I have no idea. Are they for purchasing more coins or unlocking something? If you know and can inform me so I can pass it along to him, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • donna said

      Dozer dollars are used to reach the next level of stars for the puzzle prizes, once you have 6 stars in a group you can purchase the upgrade for 10 dozer dollars.

    • Basil said

      April, the DD is for upgrading the prizes (eg, the fish /dice etc from 6 stars to 9 stars), each one has a differnt option. If you click on the stars, it will tell you what you will gain. Remeber that for eac h upgrade, you will need 10 DD. The DD will increase for every puzzle piece you collect.


  46. Najam said

    I have more than 23k coins, all puzzles are solved, all prizes are done up to 6 tires and 4 up to 9, 250 levels completed, got all these in a week,
    What’s new now, no more puzzles, I m fed up now,

  47. saffy said

    Hi, do you know if you drop a puzzle piece off the edge if it will come back again? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  48. Carolyn said

    Played for ages, finally got Frog Toss, can’t open it. Con, Con, con. Please don’t bother, I feel sooooo cheated

    • grace said

      I have the exact same problem with mine, how do I play this game?

      • Stevo said

        Frog toss is not a game that you can play. You just collect the pieces (the silhouettes with the question marks that you see when you click the frog toss stand) to gain more dozer dollars, Xp and coins.

  49. mary said

    as far as i can see dozer dollers can be used to up grade your bonus stars next to your prizes on the list

  50. cliff said

    i had unlocked all the gems, and gotten unlimited coins. i was up to 17,000 coins. I decided to uninstall it, and install again later. I have uninstalled and installed games numerous times, and it just returns to where i left off. however, after uninstalling the coin dozer pro, with my 17000 coins, i reinstalled it and it went down to level 1, with only 40 coins. Does anyone know how i can get back my 17000 coins, that i had before, with all the gems unlocked?
    i was at level 120.


    • Stevo said

      Many games store their info online so you can access your game from multiple devices but unless you have the Game Center turned on (and even then I’m unsure as to whether coin dozer stores the info online) the save info file would have been stored locally and removed when you uninstalled the game. So barring a miracle I’m think you’ll have to start at the beginning again.

  51. shawna said

    I have almost 1000 coins I have gotten all of the puzzle pieces and more than 9 prizes of each how do I get more dollars so I can upgrade my prizes without paying for them does this game ever end

  52. Brit said

    I unlocked frog toss but can’t seem to open it. How do I open it?

    • Stevo said

      Click to view your prizes then at the top right corner you’ll see the word “puzzle”. Click it then click the frog toss stand and you’ll see the pieces that you’ll need to collect to complete it.

  53. kala said

    i am at level 200 and have almost 18,000 coins is there and end to this game

    • Stevo said

      No, there is no end. Perhaps the game will crash at level 1000 but I don’t think anyone could stay sane enough to ever find out!!

  54. Mary Lawson said

    Says I have mor coins than regen limit will accumulate again when I spend more coins?

    • Doze said

      Assuming you exit the game at 200 coins, the message you mentioned will appear if your regen limit is below that, say 100. So if you start using them till you have 99 coins, the coin regeneration timer will resume and your coins will regenerate till the number reaches the limit again, in this case, 100.

  55. Heisenberg said

    i have 3 stars at the Whistles (3 times collect all colors) and then there was a little green arrow in top of the stars that means i have to upgrade. It says you can push the Bonus up to 9, it costs 10 dozer-dollar. iยดve got 11 so i pay it and nothing happend except my 10 DD where gone but i have still 3 Stars at the Whistles. Damn

    • Stevo said

      Paying the 10 dollars just raises your limit to 9 stars from the standard 6. You still have to win the prizes to give the higher rewards.

  56. chynadoll said

    I wanted to know i there an ending to this game,because i have 25,456 coins but ive already finished the entire game….and its still going

    • Stevo said

      But what would you do when you reached “the end”? Delete it and start again? Give yourself a tap on the back? Many games never end these days, its to keep you coming back. I’m sure an update will come out soon with new puzzles and prizes to collect. Oh the joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Pamela said

    I completed all puzzles and only got like 40 dozer dollars which I then upgraded the one where u get the prizes that fall off the sides and never do get them. How do u earn more dozer dollars to upgrade the stars?

  58. MiamiMitch said

    I’m at close to 10,000 coins with all of my puzzles completed. I guess I was just waiting on a big sign that said…. YOU WON! But, nothing! Oh well. On to bigger and better things.

  59. Leon said

    This game is nice at the beginning. Now, a week later, I’m finished with the game. Have got all prizes and completed all my puzzles.
    No end! No more puzzles or challenges. Only many coins, coins and coins and prizes, prizes, prizes. But no real reward. It’s sad. I’m sad…

    Don’t waste your time any more and go for a walk in the forest!


  60. Maria said

    How do you get more dozer dollars without buying them? Are there anymore puzzles after Paplinko? I’m confused.

    • Stevo said

      If you have already completed paplinko then I’m afraid you can’t earn any more dollars for free. And I’m afraid that there are no more puzzles as yet.

  61. Doug said

    Why are there never any answers? Who created this? After the puzzles, what is there?

    • Stevo said

      A big fat nothing, Doug. That’s what there is. An empty abyss where once there was a game. A gap to be filled by another monotonous, repetitive, mind destroying application brought to you, in part, by Apple inc. Amen.

  62. deadeye said

    I am at level 90 but still have not mastered earning more coins than I lose. What’s the trick?

    • Stevo said

      I didn’t start earning more coins than I lost until around level 115. And now I can’t get rid of them! When you start maxing out your prize tiers more silver coins/coin shower coins etc will appear and then you’ll start to add to your total. You’ll get bored of the game when that point arrives though, it’s then just a repetitive tapping game and you’ll be questioning yourself as to whether you are, in fact, a little autistic!

  63. Bob said

    I’ve un-locked Paplinko, are there anymore puzzels?

    • Stevo said

      As yet there are no more puzzles after paplinko. I’m sure more will get added but can anyone seriously be bothered to play for that long? I’m now on level 141 and my brain has turned a little mushy from watching coins drop!

  64. Pam said

    No one has any answers. The game just goes on but nothing happens.

  65. deadeye said

    The person who set this site up apparently hasn’t been back in a year and a half so I’m guessing we’re on our own.
    Time to uninstall!

  66. Pam said

    No more puzzles after Paplinko. You just accumulate more coins. Nothing happens. Boring.

  67. how come every time i go iff coin dozer, the next time i go on it will have reset back to level one? any ideas?;) x

  68. Lolgamer said

    Hi so cool Cheats !

  69. Popeye said

    How do u get additional D dollars have completed all the puzzles still need 30 to max all 9 stars

  70. Julie said

    My son downloaded coin dozer on my Kindle I thought it was a cute free app, Then I found $80 worth of purchases on my kindle account for “dozer dollars!”

  71. penny said

    This is no help at all. Can someone please tell me what it means when I see the grey word’s that say gutter only appears for a few seconds every once in a while.

    • steve said

      Really?! A gutter coin just means that a special coin, ie any coin that isn’t gold, has just fallen off of the side. As in “gutter ball” in bowling, same thing.

  72. joanne said

    can you actually play the horse race game?

  73. Pets said

    I have nearly 28,000 coins but I don’t have stars, what did I did wrong here.

  74. kaajal said

    Hi, can anyone tell me how the paplinko puzzle opens? I have completed the arcade puzzle but after that nothing happened. I just see a red arrow. I don’t want to spend my dd to unlock the puzzle. Please help me.

    Greets Kaajal

  75. crazy said

    On level 236 how do you unlock puzzels. plenty of coins. and 9 plus all prizes except fish

  76. Eddie said

    Helpful trick every one, don’t sell prizes, just exit, double click home button, minus out game by pressing and holding the coin dozer icon until it wiggles and pressing the red minus button ( it will not delete the game), go to settings>general>time/date>, then cut set automatically off and set your time for one day ahead, go back into coin dozer, and presto your coin counter is refilled, repeat as many times as you want and you can play constantly

  77. jim McMahon said

    what happens if you have collected all puzzles pieces seem like no use in playing anymore?

  78. Danielle said

    How often to the puzzle pieces fall down? It seems like it takes hours!

  79. Joe said

    I played without purchasing coins but to speed things up I did purchase the game for $2.99. That way I could set down my phone(with charger plugged in cause this app does drain your batt) and pick it back up a while later and have plenty of coins. Play until there were no coins left then set it down again. Its faster when the app is add free…because otherwise the add pops up and the coins come every 6 minutes instead of every 30 seconds or so. If your not there to close the add, the app stays in the 6 minute mode. I also set my screen timeout to the maximum because, again if the screen shuts down the 30 second timer stops counting and you’ll only get a coin every 6 minutes. Hope that helps.

  80. Ivelisse said

    If I sell all my items do I have to start the game all over again to collect more items?

  81. Lc said

    When I get bonus coins, it shows a small number under how many coins I have yet my coin value doesn’t increase. Why?

  82. Joan said

    The coins are added immediately the coins fall and then it tells you how many bonus points are included.

  83. robert said

    I cant get anymore dozer dollars, have around 4,000 coins and all the sub game complete. 95% of all the prizes.. but cant get any more dollar to update the tiers.. have I completed the game?

  84. I am at level 247 with20 -50 of each prize when or at what point does the game end?

  85. Pete said

    How do I earn more dozer dollars? I have over 100,000 coins but the dozer dollars remain the same 5. The puzzle pieces haven’t appeared for ages. It’s getting boring. I have completed all prizes to 6 bonus stars and 5of the 11 to 9 bonus stars. How can I upgrade the rest to 9 bonus stars?

  86. Pete said

    What can you do with GC coins? I have over 950now.

  87. Pam said

    How do you know what level your on?

  88. Lisa said

    I have over 20,000 coins and have completed all the puzzles. if there anything left to play or win except more tokens?

  89. padg07 said

    The original writer of this article said in tip #2 to unlock the

  90. oisin said

    I’m level 61 and haven’t unlocked ‘puzzle’ my sister is on level 30 and she’s unlocked it, I haven’t even came across anything to unlock it. So what level are you most likely to unlock it?

  91. berni said

    I don’t know what you people are doing wrong but i have over 25000 coins… I was looking to see if the game ever really ends…..

  92. It becomes boring behause there are no more challenges…

  93. Caragh said

    how do you complete the puzzles?

  94. Nate said

    Fund DJ kdgjdgkghg

  95. kevin paz said

    I like this game

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  97. rissera said

    I have finished bumper cars and bouncy house
    is there anything else to do

    • Maria McCrackin said

      Yes…there’s a train, a teacup ride, and a puzzle with musical instruments.
      I finished them all and have 63000 points…unlocked the 9 levels in all but 2 prize categories….anyone know if there’s more puzzles after the instruments? If so, what level must you be on to open it? I’m past 230 and getting impatient

  98. Jeanne said

    I have been playing awhile now and was wondering how I can get more puzzles to obtain more Dozer Dollars. I am on level 216 and have over 10,000 coins
    Thanks for your help,

  99. noelle said

    I finished the the music puzzel and the train and the tea cup. Is there anything else?

    • Michelle said

      Can you tell me how to get the train and tea cup pieces to fall. I have two of each, but it has been two days now and they are just not dropping anymore. Any suggestions?

  100. Ted said

    I have 7100 coins. What do I do with them.

    • Joyce said

      I just want to know how you got them! I can never get more than about 40 although I did once suddenly have 150 but I couldn’t make out what I had done to get them.

  101. Joyce said

    I have read most of the previous comments to try to find an answer but everyone seems to have thousands of coins. I have been playing for some time and although when I collect a prize it tells me I have 100+ coins they don’t appear. Where are they? How do I get them? I am getting tired of having to leave the game overnight or all day to collect a measly 40-45 coins. How do you collect 1000s?

    • sarah said

      Mate I purchased ten dollars for 1500 coins to recieved nothing…if you find out how to retrieve yours could you let me,Sarah know please…!!!

  102. sarah said

    Purchased coins never do I retrieve them from coin shop……??????????

  103. mac anderson said

    is there anything after the train and tea cups ?I have collected them all but nothing else has shown up in 5 days .is it time to quit ? there is no more challenge gets boring.

  104. Monica said

    I’m on level 119 and finished all puzzles up to and including 4pics 1 song. No more seem to be available. Is this it?

  105. Eko said

    I’m on level 110 and I still haven’t had the special gold gift coin yet. Will I ever get it?

  106. lynn said

    I have over 3100 coins. I have sat and randomly dropped coins to try and use up some of the coins, but my quantity continues to grow. Is there anything else I can use the coins on?

  107. Diane said

    What good “gutter coins”?

  108. Lynette said

    I have collected all the prizes and puzzles that last one being the train and teacup. Is there any puzzles left to get. Is this the end of the game.

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